Friday, June 07, 2013

On not being the horsey type

I've ended up on some mailing list where I keep getting over-priced invitations to corporate events.

The latest is a cunningly worded missive offering me a VIP trip to the Horse of the Year Show, in return for £189 of the Queen's pounds. Plus VAT.

Now, I'm not a horsey person. I sat on one once and didn't like it much. However, £189 plus VAT is a bit steep, even for the most committed of equine enthusiasts.

I'm not going to beat about the bush. For that money, I'd expect Princess Anne to come round to my roped off VIP area, has a bit of small talk, then pull me off.

Niche market, they'd sell thousands.


Richard said...

Surely you mean pull you away as you had no right to be there. Yes, that was it.


SD - I went to the Horse of the Year Show last year and can confirm that being pulled off by Princess Anne is included although I got bored after twenty five minutes and had to ask her to leave.