Sunday, June 02, 2013


Just a picture of our MASSIVE DOG*

*He is very, very small


Anonymous said...

A Jack Russell may be little but NEVER small.

Every Jack Russell KNOWS that he's 10 feet tall with glowing red eyes and breathes fire.

robilode said...

This is a serious quetion, so feel free to ignore it, at least until the I can be bothered to stalk you. Why do you want a dog? They are needy and demanding and crap everywhre and you are expected to pick it up! Cats, on the other hand, are cuddly and cute and bring you tasty dead baby rabbits and keep to themselves most of the time and crapmin the flower beds. Is it because secretly you just crave unconditional love and really wish you could have been born a muslim or mormon and could have 4 wives? Maybe it's simple psychology, small dog = pervert, big dog = small ego/penis and cat = never grown up? I await your profound thought with due lassitude.

Anonymous said...

What a sanctimonious bullying boor you are robilode.


Anonymous said...

Rubilode what a sanctimonious bullying boor you are.
You must be a real charmer...Barking

Alistair Coleman said...

Robilode: I've given your comments some thought, and reply thussly:

You're Weird.