Monday, June 03, 2013

On replacing ITV's Dancing on Ice

Now that ITV's Dancing on Ice has been axed, there's a huge gap in the market for another celebrity jeopardy show where people who were once on the periphery of fame risk hideous mutilation for your entertainment.

So, poo-pooing the controlled faked danger of the likes of I'm a Celebrity, here's my new big idea that virtually guarantees actual famous entrails, direct to your homes:

Celebrity Tiger Wrestling - in which celebrities get to fight tigers TO THE DEATH.

However, the title's not up to much, and it needs a bit more "oomph". So...

Cougar vs Cougars, in which Kerry Katona fights increasingly hungry/rabid wild cats TO THE DEATH

We all know that Kerry needs the cash and will turn up to the opening of an envelope, so she's a nailed on cert to take part.

I feel sorry for those poor, poor kitties.

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Wild Doggers said...

wot abowt us jackals