Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lazy Blogging: Random stuff off my hard drive

Random stuff off my hard drive

You know how thiese things happen. You're supposed to be writing 700 words on Tony Blair's legacy in the Midle East and Israel, and you end at some dead end of the internet, right clicking and saving something that catches your eye.

"That'll come in useful later."

Yeah, right.

Three months later, and, wondering why your machine is running so slowly you decide to have a bit of a clear-out of several megabytes of ladies of a certain age and impressinve statistics wearing very few clothes, you stumble across the fruit of your earlier internet adventures.

Like this:

Something stolen from Legless:


Don't quite know how that got there:

Or Emma Thompson wearing something see-through, come to think of it:

Oh, and a picture of Zoe MyBoyfriendisatwat's bottom.

I knew they'd come in useful one day.

Lazy blogging. It's excellent.

I've shown you mine, now it's time for you to whip out your gulity secrets. Plz to upload any spare cack you've got lying around into my comments box, using the upload-your-spare-cack button.

You know, this:

Thankssssss you.

Update: Thanks to Pseudonymph, I now have this in my hot, sweaty hands:

God! It's tonight! Who's coming?

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