Monday, August 10, 2009

On having a bad day at PC World

On having a bad day at PC World

"Will we be getting a Thesaurus with this thing?"

"A what?"

"A Thesaurus."

"Does it bite? Oh-ho!"

"No, really. Will our word processor package be supplied with or without a Thesaurus?"

"Uh... Without."

"Bloody Hell's teeth. What are you trying to sell me? If I got this thing home and found it didn't have a Thesaurus, there'd be a riot. And a violent assembly. Not to mention an angry demonstration. An uprising. An insurrection. And a heated disturbance."

"Are you sure, sir? It wasn't in your original order / instruction / bid / request."

"Mark my words – somebody could end up killed TO DEATH / slaughtered / slain / assassinated / stoved over the head with a pickaxe handle and dumped in a tin bath of quicklime behind the industrial estate over this"

"Are you sure you really need that Thesaurus, sir?"

"Come to mention it – no."

"Deal. Five hundred quid."

"You're having a laugh / chuckle / snigger / hoot."

"Please leave."

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