Wednesday, February 01, 2012

That's Mr Britain's Funniest Blogger to you

Well, roll me in chocolate sprinkles and call me Susan, those very excellent and absurdly talented people at The Dog's Doodahs contact me this morning to say that I am officially Britain's Funniest Blogger, and to where should we post this shiny iPad2?

Thank you everybody who voted for me, and commiserations to the three runners-up, who are all superb in their own way:
- Lord Likely
- What Siri is Saying
- Poetry4Fun
And, after all this excitement, I think we can all agree that comedy is the winner.

And me.

Comedy, but mostly me.

After a brief period of smugness, I shall return to my usual morose self.

Publishers! Literary Agents! Want to make truckloads of money out of me? Contact me about my - frankly - bloody brilliant book. It really is bloody brilliant.

A vote of thanks: The Dog's Doodahs - Click through, spend money

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