Monday, March 23, 2009

On Bad Gag Monday

On Bad Gag Monday

Q. Why did the penguin join the mafia?

A. He wanted to go swimming with the fishes.

Your bad jokes, plz, which will be added to this page as the day progresses.

You cutting-edge Twitterers might want to share your worst with the rest of the world by posting with the #badgag tag - I'll pick them up from there.

Pseudonymph: What's a shi-tzu? One with no animals in it.

Dr Fidelius: Why are pirates so cool? Because they arrrr!

Dean: What do call a fly with no wings? A walk.

Misty: What do you call a female moth? A myth.

Rik: My front door's made of sponges. Hey, don't knock it.

Tokarev: What do you do with a dog that has no legs? Take it for a drag.

Tzonar: Why did Jade cross the road? Her pall bearers got lost... (Oooh - too soon)

Mystic Mog: What do you call an Aardvark that won a fight ? A Well'ard Vark

Bella Foxx: Did you hear about the dyslexic atheist, he wondered if there really was a dog.

Mr Angry: My girlfriend suggested using toys in the bedroom. The sex is still rubbish, but now I'm much better at Scalextric.

Ian Appleby: was, I was a devotee of the pantomime, but now all that's behind me.

Steve Nixon: What did the Spanish farmer say to his chickens? Oh-lay

MrFarty: Why was Shakespeare thrown out of the pub? Because he was bard.

BarnsleySime: I'm not saying the mother in law is fat, but her blood type is Ragu

Gert: Hear about the dyslexic alcoholic - he choked on his own Vimto

Fantastically awful, all of you. Same again next Monday?

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