Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On people who deserve a good, hard slap again

On people who deserve a good, hard slap again

Part III of a continuing series listing people who deserve a good, hard slap:

- People who speak Esperanto when a perfectly good global language already exists, thanks to several centuries of colonial conquest

- People who say 'ppl'

- People who make desperate, shameless pleas on their blogs to cajole readers into joining their less-than-successful team in online games

- Estate agents

- Mortgage lenders

- Sexually deviant estate agents

- The bastard who put a 40 mph limit on the A35, at the exact point you're looking for a decent racing line

- Creationists

People who do not deserve a good, hard slap

- The person at the Co-op who thought "I know, let's do three Yorkies for a pound this week, that'll be EXCELLENT"

- People who photoshop images of well-known orange-skinned media figures to make them appear even more orange

A public appeal

Please make a short list of people who you think deserve (or do not deserve) a good, hard slap, and we'll get round to them

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