Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On not being bitter, at all

On not being bitter, at all

March 16th came and went, and I am neither excited nor disappointed to report that I did not win Best European Weblog in the 2009 Bloggie Awards.

Congratulations should go to the very excellent Chocolate and Zucchini, but, in this all inclusive New World Order, are we not all winners?

Hang on... just getting clarification on that...

Right. Fine. No, we are not all winners.

In fact, the man will be around later to tattoo a great big capital "L" on my forehead, pour encourager les autres.

All I have left now is "Owner that looks most like their dog" in the village fete, and I'm pretty hopeful. Beat THAT, Chocolate and Zucchini woman!

By the way - I could do with some help with the new tagline over on the left. Any ideas?

Note to passing publishers and literary agents: Look, I'm EXCELLENT. I've also got three (count 'em) EXCELLENT book drafts all within touching distance of completion based on the EXCELLENT contents of this site, which is, as you might already have gathered, one of the five most EXCELLENT in Europe.

If you're only interested in engaging celebrities (as is the fashion in today's cut-and-thrust world of publishing), it is my duty to point out that I am almost - but not quite - a blood relative of the second funniest man in the universe and would be only too willing to pass myself off as same right up to the moment the game is rumbled.

What - apart from your entire profit margin - have you got to lose?

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