Monday, March 02, 2009

On pointless woo

On pointless woo

The excellent PZ Myers points me toward this pile of bunkum: The Faith of Britain dot com

At 11am on 6th March, a group of grown people will sit in a room and think nice thoughts in the hope that their positive energies will somehow make our once-proud ZaNu Lie-Bore Gordon Clown Britain (© Daily Mail) a better place to live.

And good luck to 'em, I say. They are perfectly entitled to waste their own time in any way they see fit, though judging from the biography page this appears to be a dreadful waste of perfectly good MILF.

I believe our old pal Uri Geller tried this stunt a few years ago - with the help of a national newspaper that ought to have known better - and look at the state we're in now.

To quote their own pulled-straight-out-of-their-arse publicity:

It is a proven scientific fact that thinking about something often causes it to happen. Some call this quantum physics. Others simply call it "faith."
I don't know about you, but I prefer to call it "complete bollocks".

Some of the most boring years of my life were spent learning about Quantum Theory, and despite thinking "I hope this lecture ends soon" on a constant basis, the lectures never did. And that's a proven scientific FACT.

So, to counter this pointless woo, I propose my own little experiment in the name of SCIENCE.

At 11am on 6th March, I shall be sitting in a darkened room contemplating women with extremely large breasts. If enough of us do the same thing at the same time, who knows what might happen?*

Are you with me? ARE YOU?

* I should imagine we'd all lose our jobs.

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