Tuesday, March 03, 2009

On Twittering politicians

On Twittering politicians

One of the people I stalk follow on Twitter is my Member of Parliament Jim Knight, who is also the Minister for Schools. You may remember him from a recent believe-it-or-not news story where it was revealed that his website was chock full of spelling mistakes which caused the Daily Mail's Outrage-o-Meter to explode.

So, it comes as no surprise at all to read this (and I shudder to use the word) tweet from the man himself:

jimknightmp has finished his homework
Good grief. I bet he wouldn't have taken the schools gig if he had known about the homework. Further digging through Jim's Twitter feed unveils the following revealing messages which prove Jim's 'total immersion' in the job, and confirms that the Palace of Westminster – as many had feared - is indeed the largest school in the country:

jimknightmp: Caught smoking in the bogs by Chief Whip. Detention :(

jimknightmp: Totally skiving off today LOL. Told Black Rod I have a free period and hung around the shops with Blears even though she is a girl

jimknightmp: faked a note to get out of cross country, PM fell for it. Done the Blue Goldfish on the new boy from the LibDems

jimknightmp: Wm Hague iz a wet and a weed who skip along and sa helo clouds helo sky chiz chiz chiz
Of course, Jim's not the only Member of Parliament who has opened up to the New Media possibilities offered by Twitter:

AlistairDarling: Just got my pocket money up to £5/week by holding my breath until I was sick. EPIC WIN!!!

JHuttonMP: What's the point of being defence secretary if I can't drive a tank to work? EPIC EPIC FAIL

TessaJowell: @GordonBrownPM Rate my pic on HOT or NOT!!! Raawwr! http://bit.ly/aiUXF

GordonBrownPM: @TessaJowell I put on my robe and wizard hat...
Despite the encouraging use of LOLspeak by our elders and betters, I have a suspicion that this cannot end well.

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