Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On the destruction of Western civilisation

On the destruction of Western civilisation

In 1948, the Egyptian intellectual Sayyid Qutb travelled to America to study. He was so shocked at what he saw as a debauched, brutal, materialistic society obsessed with sex, desire and money, he vowed that it should be destroyed.

Qutb wrote extensively on the subject before finding himself hanging from a rope in an Egyptian prison, but he is widely recognised as the man whose published works influenced Al Qaeda and other extreme Islamic groups.

In these days of heightened awareness toward extreme religiously-motivated militant groups, it is worth asking ourselves whether Qutb and his followers have a point. We ask: Is Western civilisation really so bad that is should be destroyed?

Let us examine the evidence:

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I think we are all agreed in this case: This is quite easily The Worst Thing In The World and represents all that is evil in the Western world that we hold dear, and must be destroyed at once.

Mad Death-to-the-Infidels 1-0 Western Civilisation

Next Week: The role of Ricky Butcher of EastEnders in the proletariat's struggle against the capitalist bourgoisie.

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