Friday, January 01, 2010

On dogs on wheels

On dogs on wheels

Hello. I am Scaryduck Junior, and I am still excellent.

The other day, I saw a dog on wheels.

Dogs on wheels are excellent because not only are they the future of road transport in these days of global warming, but when they run out of steam, they make excellent eating.

That is probably why this particular dog on wheels was tied up outside the Lucky Jasmine Chinese Takeway in town.

Dog on wheels? Meals on wheels, more like.

It's LOLs like that which prove how EXCELLENT I am.

The Duck writes:

I'm pleased to say that my teenage son Penguin Boy has joined the ranks of superheroes, having been fetched a nasty peck from a radioactive penguin on a visit to a zoo.

He can do everything a penguin does, except eat fish. And lay eggs. At least - I'm not sure about the eggs.

What colour are penguin eggs, anyway?

The Boy writes, again

Sponsor my dad, or we'll never hear the last of this.

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