Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On web design, again

On web design, again

I've been in far too many meetings recently. I could have sworn that this really happened:

"And here," said the salesman, his suit glowing under the glare of the flourescant strip lighting, "You'll see the final design for your new corporate website.

"We've taken on top webpage design specialists who are experts on how users read websites and the way their eyes move around the screen from asset to asset.

"They have," he said, an air of smugness on his voice, the project sign-off only minutes away, "They have worked long and hard working out what kind of content stimulates users and engages them for the most satisfying user experience.

"In short, they know exactly what your users want to see on your website."

"Wait..." said the boss, struggling for words as the new webpage is projected ten feet high on the wall of the conference room, "Wait..."

It fell to the finance director to articulate what we were all trying to say: "That's just a picture of a pair of lady's bosoms, isn't it?"

"Yes. Yes it is. Click on either to enter."


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