Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the destruction of Western civilisation, again

On the destruction of Western civilisation, again

After last week's Daniel O'Donnell unpleasantness which brought the wrath of certain militant groups based in the mountains of Waziristan down on us (Quote: "A nipple-gripple to this BLASPHEMER"), we thought it best to cut our Al Qaeda chums a little bit of slack in their battle to wipe out our way of life as we know it.

So, while our governments refuse to talk to these humourless curs, here's the deal we've cut for the good of humanity: We sacrifice one or two of The Worst Things In The World, and they agree to stop being a bit out of order with the whole killing people and nipple-gripple shit.

No.2: Gio Compario

Otherwise known as that bastard from the Go Compare adverts, and exactly 547% more annoying than the Poo at Paul's commercial, and must be destroyed at once. I bet you didn't even realise this blot on our society even had a name.

And why does the boy want a poo at Paul's, you ask? Because Paul's real name Is OSAMA BIN LADEN, and he he bribing the lad with DRUGS, GUNS and a FAKE ITALIAN OPERA SINGER.

As you can see from this stunning new evidence, everything is connected in this world, and not in the ways you'd suspect. We've got your number, OSAMA and we win this time.

Mad Death-to-the-Infidels 1-1 Western Civilisation


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