Thursday, December 02, 2010

On international piracy

On international piracy

It touched my heart to hear the the British couple taken hostage by Somali pirates have been freed following a huge ransom deal with the knaves that held them for over a year in the Horn of Africa.

Now that the Chandlers are free, they're in a bit of a mess. After all they had their entire worldly goods with them when they were taken in the Indian Ocean off the Seychelles. To whit: One modest yacht and everything on it.

While it is true to say - thanks to the assistance offered by world's orangest man Max Clifford - the couple are not exactly on their uppers, it would be nice if we could all pull together to help them rebuild their lives back in the damp and cold United Kingdom.

I rarely comment on the current news agenda on these pages, but there are times you've just got to stand up and be counted. To this end, I'm prepared to offer them a free pass to Weymouth's second best tourist attraction in the hope that they are able to learn to love holidays away from the gut-wrenching danger of the high seas.

So: We hope they enjoy their free round at the Weymouth Pirate Crazy Golf Course (7th hole: A year in a red hot cargo container) and they can look back on the last year and laugh and laugh.

Too soon?

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