Thursday, June 21, 2012

In which my luck turns at last

I am always intrigued by crappy spam email, and just had to open one with the subject line "Tara the Medium is watching you"

It turns out that Tara the Medium isn't actually watching me (that honour goes to a sixteen year old Jack Russell terrier who thinks there are cheesy treats to be had from the table), but instead, she is able - for a small charge - to offer me a number of so-called psychic services related to financial, emotional and "other" problems. All in comic sans, the font of champions.

And she goes on: "Why? Because I specialise in difficult and urgent cases. I will show you how to attract luck and bring about a new start in your life in this period of renewal which is springtime," with the words "how to attract luck" in bold, linking through to a page on how she will show me how to attract luck.

Lucky, lucky me.

Luck luck lucky luck luck.

Luck luck luckity lucky me.

So I click through.

Sorry, that offer is no longer available.
Oooh, unlucky.

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