Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thirty-two things to do if you're bored

In honour of Phil Lucas' epic blog post, 36 Things To Do If You're Bored, I thought I could add a few ideas of my own, and list some ideas for those of you who need to get out of the house a bit more. Yes, you. You with the pasty face.

And it took me bloody ages. Which was lucky, because I was bored.

1. Go and see Ultravox

2.Embark on a rescue mission

3. Re-create famous websites in the privacy of your own garden

4. Take your equine friend to the vet

5. Take your elephant to the vet

6. Spin round and round until you're sick

7. Become a masked superhero

8. Learn to drive a truck

9. Dress in the latest fashions

10. Get a pet

11. Lose your pet

12. Draw Rolf Harris

13. Visit a theme park

14. Mock a transvestite clown

15. Mess with your workmates' heads

16. Try to become the next Banksy

17. Entertain a children's party with your comedy teeny dictator act

18. Grow a tree that looks like Hitler

19. Make yourself a cup of sexy tea

20. Buy a sweary cake

21. Snigger at foreign languages

22. Visit an alligator for tea. Don't be his tea

23. Mess with the planet's climate

24. Measure your dog's nose to win a bet

25. Feed your pet zombie

26. Buy AWESOME hats for your entire family and wear them in public

27. Eat a sad pie

28. Outrage your local Sunday school

29. Visit your local tourist trap

30. Dress in the latest fashions (again)

31. Hunt and kill a sloth

32. Go to the village fete


33. Write a stupid long blog post

All pics except for no.32 (Credit: Tom Cox) are from my own collection.

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