Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One of the many reasons I support gay marriage

"It was Adam and Eve", say the opponents of gay marriage, unwittingly quoting that colossus of radical thought that is Sir Patrick Moore, "Not Adam and Steve."

And some role model for stable family life they were.

1. Evicted from their home for anti-social behaviour after breaking the one and only rule given to them by their landlord

2. Had so many children nobody know quite how many - clearly they were cheating their local benefit office

3. Kids running rampant - with one even killing his brother completely and utterly to death in a fit of jealousy

4. Brothers marrying their sisters and begetting mono-browed children all over the place

5. Adam was only knocking around with Eve after Lilith refused (and I quote from Hebrew tradition) "to get in that kitchen and make me a damn sandwich, woman"
More Jeremy Kyle than the Book of Genesis if you ask me. Not even that - The Jeremy Kyle USA version.

And they say it's the gay agenda that's destroying the sanctity of marriage. We breeders have managed that perfectly fine by ourselves.

Another of the many reasons I support gay marriage

Because it's right.

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