Thursday, February 09, 2006

Meeting Famous People

Meeting Famous People

I met Timmy Mallett the other day.

Awestruck by his utterly brilliant presence, I told him of the time I started a chant of "Wacaday Wacaday Wacaday" during an England football match at Wembley, which, after a couple of choruses, had gone from a couple of sad bastards singing on their own to some 80,000 filling the night sky with gibberish.

Mr Mallett was hugely impressed by my finest hour, and I got a big double thumbs up in return. I did not see his Pinky Punky.

Which borderline / past-it celebrities have you met, eh?

Not a vote-o

I'm feeling like toilet this morning, and thussly I am lacking the hummus to hold a Thursday vote-o this week. In which case, tomorrow's tale of mirth and woe will be one that you lot never vote for, and it serves you right:

* The Operator: "It was the worst possible scenario. The four-minute warning was sounding, and here he was in a Turkish bath-house. In for a Turkish New Lira..."

So mote it be.

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