Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Teh Intarnets

Teh Intarnets

You know you're old when:

You have to tell your 11-year-old daughter that, after a quick go on Google, "Chocolate Thunda" is perhaps not the best screen name she could use, as the name has already been taken. Taken by [and I quote] "the caramel 48DDD XXX fetish queen" with her own retina-peeling website. [No linky - you'll have to look it up for yourself. But be warned - EXTREMELY Not Safe For Work. Or home, even.]

I had to go back to check whether my eyes were deceiving me. Sixteen times.

Why can't Scaryduckling just be an AnGeL G1Rl or D@nC1nG D1Va like normal kids? I'd even settle for Sc@rYdUcKlInG, but then I would have to put her up for adoption. Again.

So, dear reader, loathe to lose yesterday's sweary momentum - from which dank corner of teh intarnets did you get your online handle?

As a Brucie Bonus: Blog Pie partner-in-crime Misty asks if you can guess where she got her intarnets name from. She promises not to kill, maim or disembowel the winner with a spoon.

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