Monday, February 27, 2006

On Mirth, Woe

On Mirth, Woe

I wrote some time last year on the origin of the term "Tales of Mirth and Woe" on this site, a phrase that usually leads to an enormous ear-ripping explosion, or something terrible happening to my bottom. Or somebody else's bottom, whilst naked people run around screaming.

The name comes from a Peanuts cartoon I saw many, many years ago, lost in the mists of time. Lost, until excellent finder-of-all-things Misty remarked "I've got loads of Charlie Brown books", and set off, armed with a scanner, into the night, searching out her copy of 'Snoopy features as The Literary Ace'.

I can hardly contain my joy.

["Peanuts" is copyright United Feature Syndicate, Inc, who almost certainly protect their property with mind-numbingly expensive man-eating lawyers. "Hello!"]

Operation Manky Garden, again

So, are you in, or what?

This is the cutting edge of discovery, and in an age of creationism and junk science, we cannot let The Forces of Stupid defeat us. I went out yesterday and bought a trowel an' everything, so we can't back out now.

"I don't blog about work"

I have been in this job for seventeen years today. And I only ever wanted to be a lumberjack.

Updated my Flickr-me-do.

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