Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cockermouth - oh!

Cockermouth - oh!

Following on from this week's My town good/bad thing, here's a little list for you:

Top five place names that are a bit rude

5. Cockermouth, Cumbria
4. Sexmoan, Philippines
3. Wankers Corner, USA
2. Fucking, Austria
1. Shitonmytitsyouhornystud, Belarus

So, if it's Thursday, it must be a vote-o. While I cower* at the back of a rather important conference on the future of the broadcast industry in the country, I ask you, dear readers, to choose from the following tales of mirth and woe. Apologies for lack of vote-o quote-os, but I had booked the Tourette's Male Voice Choir for the purpose. But they fucked off.

* First Aid - a tale of inappropriate trouser excitements
* Census - featuring the massed groupies of Daniel O'Donnell
* Blind Date - a charming, yet sad tale of love, loss and mank.
* Swimming Gala - poo woe
* School Milk - vomit woe

Don't allow me to sway your votes in any way, but the management recommends "Census".

Vote! Vote me up!

* And only my closest friends and colleagues will know what, exactly, I am cowering from. Go on. Guess. A biscuit for the correct answer.

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