Sunday, June 25, 2006

The eyes have it

The eyes have it

Another day, another bizarre domestic accident.

And today's hideous ailment is a scratched cornea. A scratched cornea.

Or: AAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I've scratched by eyeball! Again!

The last time around I was lacing a pair of boots. Saturday's woe was at least the result of something manly - the act of cutting up large chunks of wood in the garden; but it is the most irritating injury ever, something you can do absolutely nothing about until it stops itching.

The nice people at Dorchester County Hospital gave me an eye-patch, so I am now living in a dreadful, toe-stubbing two-dimensional world tempered only by the fact that I am able to spend the next day or so in a darkened room, dressed as a pirate.

So: Yarrrrr!

Plz to stop laughing at me.

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