Monday, June 19, 2006

The Joys of YouTube

The Joys of YouTube*

Part XXXVIII: On three-piece indie bands with female lead singers

Saint Etienne: Two blokes with keyboards and a nice singer

Ah, Sarah Cracknell, how many ways do I love thee? (Even if once, completely by accident, I saw your front bottom at Reading Festival. Sorry.)

The Cocteau Twins: Two blokes with jangly guitars and a nice, slightly mad, singer

Do not, under any circumstances, try to understand the words.

And while we're still gushing (metaphotrically) over Elizabeth Fraser:

This Mortal Coil

And veering hopelessly off-topic, if you saw Doctor Who this weekend, you will be mostly wanting this ear-worm: ELO - Mr Blue Sky

* And Google Video, but it didn't fit in the title.

But seriously folks...

I understand there was a certain disquiet this weekend over the lack of poo and vomit woe in last Friday's Scary Story. I hear your concerns, I apologise for this dreadful collapse in this site's mank quotient, and will address it this morning with the following for your consideration:

"There is nothing quite so funny as hearing other people fart in public toilets."


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