Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My town good/bad

My town good/bad

God, I love Weymouth. Small, convenient, just the right balance between locals and reasonably friendly visitors; and enough borderline crap tourist attractions to keep everybody happy. And thanks to the efficient sacrificing of virgins, officially the sunniest place in Britain. Also, it's not Dorchester. What a great place to live.

God, I hate Weymouth. Every August it fills up with total bastards, and the roads gridlock like buggery. Every Friday night the squaddies troll in from Bovington and the gutters run with vomit. The next land mass to the west is New York, so when the wind blows you can barely stand up. God, this place is shit.

What's so great about your home town?

And: what's so crap bit about where you live?

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