Monday, December 07, 2009



What's your bus count?

The 'bus count' is an internationally recognised measure within the business world quantifying how many key staff members falling under buses are required before any given company grinds to a halt.

A bus count of one in your company is bad news.

A bus count of four is regarded as the absolute minimum, but if you find yourself with four vital staff members falling under buses, you either have a pressing need to get the Green Cross Man to make a personal appearance, or your local bus company has no in-house procedure for rooting out the psychopaths and the registered blind.

Or, of course, your competitors could simply be using our services.

Welcome to BUS COUNT BEATERS - a new service for the business that wants to get ahead.

Worried that your competitors have the edge?

Is your throat getting cut in this cut-throat market?

Need to even things up a bit?

Never fear - get yourself to the front of the queue with BUS COUNT BEATERS

All our drivers are fully-uninsured and PSV unqualified, and only undertake their duties in the best, unmarked, un-MOTed, specially re-inforced double deckers sourced only from the least well-known Russian defence exporters.

All contracts 100 per cent fully researched, rehearsed and guaranteed - Your competitors buried between two barn doors, or YOUR MONEY BACK!


* But it will be a bus

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