Monday, December 21, 2009

On pork

On pork

Any excuse"Good morning, and welcome to BBC Radio 4. It's 5.45, which means it's time for Farming Today."

I like a bit of Farming Today. I started my career as a paid slob in the Ministry of Cow Counting, and still harbour a touch of nostalgia for the business of agriculture. A business I do my best to help by running over as many badgers as possible.

"Today," said the charming Charlotte Smith, "We ask: Where does your pork comes from?"

I steer my car onto the A31 at Ringwood and manage the feat of simultaneously banging my head on the steering wheel.

Lordy, Radio 4's dumbing down.

Everybody knows the answer is: Pigs. Pork comes from pigs.

Yoinks! Rumbled by those new media curs at Radio 4

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