Monday, August 09, 2010

On new ways of working

On new ways of working

Yet another meeting where I might not have been paying 100 per cent total attention. I have gleaned the following from the minutes. Sadly, I was taking the minutes.

"This will be a new way for working," said my learned colleague, "A new way of working that will mark a three-fold revolution in our organisation."


"Firstly - Integration. All our systems will be joined-up at last. No more will we have seperate computer systems for different departments."

There may have been something about singing from songsheets at this stage.

"Secondly - Collaboration. We will work together as never before, adding both value and efficiency to this business."

One or two fellow delegates might have applauded at this point. Lack of coffee and a slashed biscuit budget made things more that a little hazy.

"And finally, and most importantly - rounding up and shooting of counter-revolutionaries.

"We can not and will not tolerate dissent, slackers and saboteurs in this company. Transgressors will be dealth with in such a way as to maximise staff obedience and to minimise redundancy pay-outs.

"Are there any questions?"


"Good. GOOD. I understand you know where to get hold of tin baths and quicklime, Scary. Get onto it."

Wow. I got an action point.

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