Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On sorting out the action points

On sorting out the action points

You find your humble narrator - once more - ploughing his way through a meeting agenda the size of a well-thumbed copy of War and Peace. Things, as you'd probably expect, are not going well.

"After long and reasoned deliberation as regards this project, its long-term gains and projected benefits for the organisation, my proposal for the final outcome is this: You all get to fuck and we buy a bunch of ZX Spectrums from eBay."

There is a certain amount of fidgeting at this stage, before one of the braver attendees offers a question.

"Get to where?"

"Fuck. You get to fuck. Look, I'm an A+++++ eBayer-would-buy-again according to my latest feedback, so I'll handle the purchases. The rest of you can quite honestly get to fuck."

"Errr... I'm going to have to look up this 'Fuck' place in an atlas."

"Good man, just mind the sacks of quicklime on the way out. Shall we proceed to the action points?"

Action point (Me): Play Leisure Suit Larry
Action point (everybody else): Get to fuck

The meeting ends.

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