Friday, March 04, 2011

Gadaffi Duck, and other bastards

Gadaffi Duck, and other bastards

That Colonel Gadaffi, what a bastard. It hardly seems worth wasting laughs on a man who thinks the answer to legimate protest is to drop bombs on his own people, but to laugh at these shits we must.

And through one over-used joke, it has come to my attention that he has one thing in common with some of histories biggest bastards: They're all animals. Look:

Gadaffi Duck

Kim Jong Krill

Robert Moo-gabe

Henry the Ape King of England

Adolf Hitlerpotomus

Pol Pot-bellied pig

Mouse Tse Tung

Josef Starling

Vlad the Impala

Fidel Cat-ro

Meerkat Ahmadinezad

Saddam Horse-ain

Napoleon Bone-a-giraffe
If this tells us anything, we must continue to eat these creatures. Stop them. Eat them now on a tasty, tasty barbecue with tasty, tasty barbecue sauce, before it is too late.

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