Thursday, March 17, 2011

On standing meetings

On standing meetings

"It has come to my notice that meetings held in this establishment go on for far too long and are becoming a complete waste of time.

"To this end, this meeting will, for the sake of brevity, be held standing up.

"On your feet, the lot of you."

Say goodbye to a couple of hours' kip, then.

Two hours later...

"…and now we move to item thirty-two on the agenda – 'Trans-national links in the multi-cultural paradigm' in which we will be joined on the video conference circuit by our colleagues in New York. HELLO NEW YORK!"

"Boss," the office snitch whispers in a voice that can be heard at the other end of the company graveyard, "they're sitting down."

"Come on you guys - didn't you get the memo?"

"Yes," comes an American voice, "and we are authorised by our departmental head to tell you to - if you don't mind the language - bugger off."

A finger hovers over a button. It is large and red and has the word "EJECT" printed on it in large, black letters.

*click - SPANG*

"Item 33 - Bring Your Leopard to Work Day..."

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