Friday, March 11, 2011



Just to prove that there is such a thing as Nicodemus Knob, here are a few pics I took of a recent trip on my bike to the very top of Portland. A trip in which I suffered - SUFFERED - for this website, finding out the hard way that Incline Road is called that for a damn good reason.

That's a new set of lungs you lot owe me.

An actual Knob, side view, with Lego man and dog for scale.

The Spanish Inquisition coming round the side of the Knob.

Knob, with HMP The Grove in the background, home to some of the region's least capable criminal minds.

Nicodemus Knob is a stack of Portland stone left by quarry workers. No one's entirely sure why, but it's probably to show how much stone they'd taken from the top of the island to hide the bordeom of digging a very deep hole.

Or simply, the guy in charge was showing off about having a VERY BIG ...err... pickaxe.

And, because I'm a dreadful show-off, here's a snap of Fortuneswell (Twin Town: Benghazi) I took on the way up the side of the Citadel, minutes after an unfortunate sick-inna-hedge episode. Click through the pic to enjoy big, because I spent actual time photoshopping l33t tilt-shift sk1llz into it.

Do it. Now. NOW.

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