Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On being a mobile helpdesk

On being a mobile helpdesk

I'm reasonably good with computers. The trouble is, once other people find out, you become their ad hoc mobile helpdesk.

Now, I don't mind setting up the odd home wireless network for the technologically challenged, but then you get the supplementary questions.

For example:

"When I switch it on, it just shuts straight down again"
"That's because the battery's run out"
"Oh, right. Right. I have to plug it in, then?"
"Yes. Yes you do. With a plug."


"Why is my internet going so slow?"
"That's because you've got six search bars on your browser all called SuperMegaHyperSearch"
"What's a browser?"


"Where's my Facebook? WHERE IS IT? I WANT MY FARMVILLE!"
"You're logged out."
"You need to log in."
"How do I do that then?"

Now, who needs a bit of help? Bored housewives given priority.

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