Friday, April 22, 2011

Poetry Corner: On Grandparents

Poetry Corner: On Grandparents

What, they asked on the radio, do you own that belonged to your grandparents?

Answer: Apart from 25 per cent of my genes, I have very little passed down from two generations.

Then, I remembered his old Boy Scout penknife (and he once told me of the time he met Baden-Powell), and in a rare moment of sentimentaility, I wrote it down as a poem.

A pome what I wrote about my poor, dead grandfather

Discovered my grandad's old pen-knife
In the biscuit tin under my bed;
Pleasing, heavy in my hand,
The blade still keen like it was new;
Eighty years old, and he's long gone,
And the only part of him I possess.
And from my grandfather on my mother's side: The ability to build pretty much unsinkable Royal Navy battle ships. (Ability as yet untested).

Grandparents, everybody!

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