Friday, April 01, 2011



"Hey dad," says The Girl, "Have you seen the Weymouth Kangaroo yet?"

"The what whaty what what?"

"The Weymouth Kangaroo - everybody's talking about it."

I'm not talking about it, but I am intrigued.

"I'm everybody, but I'm not talking about it. However, I am intrigued."

"You know the Weymouth Relief Road?"

Yes, yes I am aware of the new road, and I have driven the length of it several times since it opened to the public several weeks ago.

"When you come over the hill and see the town for the first time, everybody says it looks EXACTLY like a kangaroo."

"EXACTLY like a kangaroo?"


I give her the chinny reckon, but vow to pull over and take a photo if there is indeed a giant kangaroo in south Dorset.


"What's that Skippy? They're charging £55 to see the Olympic sailing? In a public park? The first time that an Olympic committee has ever tried to sell tickets to the sailing, which is, traditionally, not a spectator event? And you want us to stop them? LET'S GET DOWN THERE."

Original photo thanks to Weldmar Hospice Trust

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