Friday, October 28, 2011



As a recovering geek and a nerd, it is, perhaps, inevitable that I should find myself obsessively watching the geeky, nerdy sitcom Big Bang Theory.

And it was on one of these Big Bang Theory marathons that my flatmate asks the all-important question:

"What the hell is BAZINGA?"

"I have no idea, I'll Google it."

So, I googled it.

And the first result it brought up was THIS VIDEO.

And I look up from my computer screen and EXACTLY THE SAME SCENE is playing on the television.

And this, through the actual use of SCIENCE, proves one thing: Google is run by MIND PROBES and WITCHCRAFT.

Ban this sort of thing.

And, lo, The Risen Christ did appear before his disciples; and he didst say unto them the Word. And the word was "Bazinga", and they were sore afraid

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