Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wreck-a-Book Day

Wreck-a-Book Day

'Wreck a book? Every time I sit down to work, darlings'After yesterday's triumphant killing off of any enjoyment that might accidentally be garnered from The Da Vinci Code, regular reader Vicus Scurra came up with the spunker of an idea that we can spoil entire libraries for anybody who dares pick up a book.

Reading*, after all, is a dreadfully time consuming affair, and these days I even find the Rinkworks Book-a-Minute site heavy going now that TV and the internet has completely sucked out my imagination.

Your task, then, is to kill of any one book with a single line. Vicus starts...
  • Pride and Prejudice: They get together in the end.
  • Crime and Punishment: He gets caught.
  • Exodus: Moses doesn't make it to the promised land.

And the rest of us follow:
  • War and Peace: Napoleon loses
  • The Bible: Jesus dies, but there's a twist!
  • 1984: They brainwash him in the end
  • Any Harry Potter Book: It's Voldemort, disguised as the Dark Arts teacher

Well, get on with it, then....

* Apart from being a large town in Berkshire with a traffic light fetish

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