Monday, October 15, 2007

On Blog Action Day

On Blog Action Day

A. Gore: HeroToday, it turns out, is Blog Action Day. Somebody with a heart has decided that we should devote today's bloggage to a single subject, to whit: the environment and the impending disaster facing mankind if we don't all buck our ideas up.

Typically, I have peaked too soon, and gave my blog pages over to environmental issues last Thursday in my heart-rending and entirely sensible appeal to build more village halls and scout huts in polar regions to reverse the effects of global warming. Leading scientists have describe my plan as "Wow... Just wow. Why didn't we think of this?", and fleets of heavy construction equipment are being transported to these delicately-balanced regions as we speak.

So, the best thing I can do on a day like this is to renew my pledge to the environment and the world we live in. I shall, for example, be walking to work today, and I hope you do as well.

This walk will take me from the far end of the office car park to my desk, a distance of some 400 yards, our pleas for a taxi service for this daily ordeal falling on the deaf ears of management. Granted, this walk will be at the end of a 110-mile drive from Weymouth to Reading, but this thoroughly necessary journey is part of my avowed mission to prevent future use of fossil fuels by burning it all now. Al Gore does it. We should follow his lead. He's got a Nobel Prize.

The Blog Action Day website asks us to:

1. Write about environmental issues: CHECK

2. Promote Blog Action Day: CHECK

3. Donate a day's earnings to an environmental cause: AH

They'd only waste it on leaflets that are made out of TREES, or give all my money to some farmer who would poison us all to death with a CO2-producing cow, so my spondulicks are better off in Lloyds TSB, where they can invest it in arms industries who are doing their bit by keeping the world's population down, permanently.

Right. I'm off to leave the fridge door open for an hour or two and watch An Inconvenient Truth on a 47-inch plasma TV. What are YOU doing?

I am not mad.

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