Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On celebrities that sound like place names

On celebrities that sound like place names

Shamelessly stolen from the thirty minutes I heard of Danny Baker's BBC London radio programme before the signal faded out just west of Basingstoke - Celebrities that sound like place names:

- Jerry Lee Lewisham
- Charlton Heston (two for the price of one)

- Hayward's Heath Ledger
- MC Hammersmith

- Harry Enfield
- Anton du Beckenham

- Alan Rickmansworth
- Arnold Schwarzen-Egham

And my absolute favourite:

- Rayleigh Otter

I've done the hard work in this horribly London-centric list. Your turn.

On A. Hitler

Story of the week must surely be the news – reported, naturally, in the Daily Heil - that Adolf Hitler spared Blackpool from the Luftwaffe during the war so that he might turn it into his own personal holiday resort.

Two fingers up to Brighton, then, who were hoping for the nod from the big man.

If there is still anybody out there still undecided on the whole 'Hitler: Good or Evil?' thing, this is all the proof you need that the mental gene ran deep in his household.

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