Sunday, February 22, 2009

On saving Weymouth FC

On saving Weymouth FC

My local football club - you might have noticed from yesterday's 9-0 reverse at the hands of Rushden & Diamonds - has gone completely tits-up.

Unable to pay their players - thanks in no small part to certain dipshits and asshats who I won't name for legal reasons - the team's starting eleven has been reduced to anybody who turns up on a Saturday afternoon with a pair of boots and at least one functioning leg.

To be fair - the youth team did their best against Rushden, but it was literally men against boys, and they did well to keep it in single figures.

But: At least somebody's trying to save something from the wreckage. It may be a futile gesture, but the Fans' Trust have gone out and started an online appeal.


Yeah, I know, I know. I don't expect you to donate a bean, just put the word around. But cold, hard cash would be nice if you've got it.

Ask yourself this question: If Weymouth FC fold - what am I going to do of a Saturday? Start paying through the arse to be a miserable bastard up the Arsenal, that's what.

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