Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Great Lost Albums of the 2000s

Great Lost Albums of the 2000s

The High Fidelity - The Omnichord Album

"Really quite good" - Duck (Scary)
"It sounds just like an ice cream van" - Mrs Duck (Scary)
"Yes. Yes it does. Is that a crime?" - Duck (Scary)

Rising from the ashes of 90s baggy outfit The Soup Dragons came Glasgow's High Fidelity.

Rather than being just another guitar band, they experimented with other influences with varying success (and Unsorry is an undoubted triumph), turning the head of poor, dead musical god John Peel.

Sean Dickson laid his hands on an Omnichord, a frankly strange piece of electronic music-making that is part keyboard, part guitar, part accordian and exactly 23% of the moving parts from an ice cream van.

With some input from Peel himself, they went out and laid down their second album, comprising Omniture-based tunes.

The result - 2001's The Omniture Album - was a mix of uplifting pop, beautiful haunting ballads, downright weirdness and 23% of the moving parts from an ice cream van.

This is the opening track: Scream if You Want to Go Faster

And, as such, I love it do death, and don't care what others think.

More stuff: Sean Dickson on YouTube.

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