Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On The Beatles. And Cake

On The Beatles. And Cake

Pic: Ringoknowsbest.com"Wouldn't it be great," said an online pal, "If the National Trust bought Abbey Road studios?

"Especially if they add a lovely little cafe selling lovely cakes."

I concur, but they'd have to give it a decent name respecting the decades of history wrapped up in the same.

Something fitting.

Something respectful.

Something that doesn't sell out to The Man.

Something like: "Here Comes the Bun"

Or: "Mr Kipling's Lovely Jam Tarts Stand"

Or: "Happiness Is a Warm Bun"

Or: "Ticket to Pie"

I will concede that pie is not cake, but the shop will be as nothing if it did not serve a lovely Lennon Meringue.

This entire argument presumes that The Beatles are the only band of worth to have recorded at Abbey Road. In which case, we must settle for:

"Dark Side of the Macaroon"

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