Monday, February 14, 2011

Fish Finger Sandwich

Fish Finger Sandwich

Good grief, I am informed that at least one British supermarket sells Fish Finger sandwiches - proper man cuisine that cannot be sold in mere packets.

In selling these sacred bloke products, Asda have over-stepped the mark from the Bloke Kitchen Arts to BLASPHEMY.

This on the back of breakfast cereals being sold in bowl-sized portions with a plastic spoon and a splash of milk. And let us not forget pre-mashed mash.

WRONGNESS, which leaves all blokes with a certain level of culinary skill (Level One Geezer) at danger of forgetting how to cook at all.

And God help us, then, if there is a war.

What next in this new line of products for people too lazy to look after themselves?

Aunt Bessie's Lumps of Burned Cheese from the Bottom of the Grill Pan?

Findus Pre-chewed steak?

Hovis ready-buttered sliced bread (extra-thick-sliced only)?

Birds Eye Turd-in-a-box (Save valuable bloke time eating, just flush down the toilet)

Mankind: It is doomed

Womankind: As you were, nothing to see here

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