Monday, February 21, 2011

On bringing the word DOPPO to a wider audience

On bringing the word DOPPO to a wider audience

"Out of my way, you DOPPO!" I raged at the driver in the car in front of me who was driving like a doppo.

And to be perfectly honest, it was a Monday morning when the roads were teaming with doppoes. Or doppos. The Style Council is still out on the plural, and Paul Weller's not answering my calls*. The great doppo.

"So, what exactly, is a 'doppo'?" I hear you ask.

That is the kind of question that only a doppo would ask, for it is perfectly clear from the context that this is an entirely cromulent word to describe and idiot whose demonstrated behaviour indicates that they are one air mile short of a Parisian holiday.

Also, it was a word coined by my sister, essentially to insult me between bouts of attempted murder. As decades on, after the mental and physical scars have healed, it is time to bury the past like an older sister under the patio and offer the word 'doppo' for wider use.

You big bunch of doppoes. Especially you, doppo.

* The Style Council has ruled in favour of "doppoes", stating that "'Doppos' looks like the name of a Greek restaurant".

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