Friday, February 04, 2011

More Movie FACTS

More Movie FACTS

Coming soon to a cinema near you:

The next "Meet the Parents" movie will revolve around an ill-fated family canoeing holiday to the Canadian north: "Focker up the Northwest Passage"

Due to budget cuts, the new James Bond film will dump its customary casino scene, with Bond instead going undercover as a bingo caller in a penny arcade in Southend, hoping to crack SPECTRE's scheme to tranmit US nuclear codes via the national Bingo Game. Failing that, Ernst Stravro Blofeld is hoping for a full house.

Furthermore, the legendary Q Division is to be replaced by "Please queue here and wait for your number to be called" at the Basildon branch of Argos

A studio leak tells us that Daniel Craig is to be replaced in the role of 007 by TV favourite David Jason, and the film's title is to be For Your Eyes Only Fools and Horses*

From the internet's @robmanuel: Look out for the Cheech and Chong version of the world's favourite secret agent franchise, in which James Bong prevents bad crap happening, "as soon as I've got my shit together, man"

Work has already begun on the next Pirates of the Caribbean sequel in which Jack Sparrow and his chums are locked in a cargo container in Somalia.

The Spanish-language version of Hollywood action thriller The King's Speech is to be called "La Voz Del Presidente Fantistico!"
*Full discolsure: This gag Cheggered off the internet

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