Wednesday, February 23, 2011

South Sudan

South Sudan

Congratulations to South Sudan, who, this coming July, will become the world's newest nation after declaring independence from their northern brothers.

Despite the hard partying that's undoubetedly taking place in downtown Juba, I do have one concern: the name of the country.

Yes, South Sudan's the safe option and fits very well on the postage stamps. However, with the planet's economy struggling its way out of recession it's a state-eat-state world out there and I worry that despite their oil, our new pals will struggle to stand up to the big boys on the world stage.

That's why they should have taken my advice and sold the naming rights. It works very well for football grounds. Emirates paid a fortune to get their name all over Arsenal's ground, even if the fans still call it Ashburton Grove.

O2 Arena? Yeah, it's the Dome.

Given a following wind, they could have been coining it in with a few of our little suggestions:

* Cola Cola presents the Republic of South Sudan

* Barclaystan (incorporating South Sudan)

* MS Sudan 2.0

And there's just one other point we'd like to make clear. Now that you've split from Sudan Classic: Do you like it up 'em, or not?

Just asking, like.

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