Friday, May 04, 2012

Bringing a voice to the voiceless (owls)

This was on the back of Jane's Easter egg this year, and frankly, my mind is utterly blown.

Who knew that we live in a world where there are owls without the ability to hoot, without the ability to make their owly voices heard?

We here at the Give A Voice To Owls Who Can't Hoot Foundation have made it our life's work to end this travesty of Human Owl Rights and WILL NOT REST until every owl can speak freely without fear of being punched until an egg comes out.

And for this work, we need your help in providing the very staples that owls need to thrive: Beer, Money and Chocolate. Send as much as you can. And the new Ultravox album, as well. These poor owls need your help, and Ultravox.

In the words of Bono: "Every time I click my fingers, an owl is scared by a man clicking his fingers"


I am not mad.

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