Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sorting out owls for once and for all

The casual reader of these pages may have noticed that I quite like owls. Unfortunately, my love for owls can never be unconditional because of their horrible spiky feet. Sorry owls, you give me the creeps. Wear some shoes, or something.

Yes, I know they were specifically evolved that way to enable Mr Hooty to sit on a branch and/or tear small rodents to shreds. But bugger me with a pointed stick, why did they have to be so damned ugly?

To this end, the lads at Scaryduck Labs have got our act together and made some owls with proper feet. Feet you could take home and show your mum.

Your basic duck-owl hybrid. Eats bread, but sinks if it tries to do a swim.

We call this one the Flamingowl. Falls over a lot. Is crap up trees.

The very pinnacle of owl evolution: The Socks and Sandowls. After we have KILLED IT WITH FIRE, our work here is done.

Next week from Scaryduck Labs: Geese with tits.

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