Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On Tasteful Thieves

On Tasteful Thieves

Jackshian writes: 'I was just reading a post (on another blog - how could you?) about a car being broken into and everything taken except the CD collection. The author says "How bad does your taste in CDs have to be for a thief to NOT steal them?" Sounds like a possible Scaryduck vote-o to me.'

Yes. Yes it does.

This has never happened to me.


I left the house one morning to find broken glass on the pavement by my car, the door ajar, yet the contents of my vehicle still more-or-less intact.

The thief had smashed the quarter-light, got into the car, rifled around a bit and found that the only thing worth stealing was my "Revenger" box - a dashboard mounted novelty that made machine gun noises when you pressed the button.

The radio/cassette, imported from my old Austin Allegro, was still there, essentially because I had wedged it in so tight it's probably still there now, at the bottom of the swamp.

My priceless New Romantic compilation cassettes went untouched, as did a nearly full bottle of de-icer.

My car at the time was a 1980 Fiat Strada.

It was - originally - red, but left out in the sun too long, it had faded to an attractive pink; while the acres of plastic that made up the rest of the car gave it a countenance so ugly that make it the Ann Noreen Widdecombe of the motoring world.

I had a car that was so awful that a thief refused to steal it.

So, what have otherwise drug- and swag-fuelled thieves left behind?

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